Healthy Dog Dinners

Made by a mad dog lover for your furry friends

About Tootz Dog Dinners

Tootz Dog Dinners kicked off in 2020, when Sam decided she wanted to be able to feed as many hungry dog bellies as she could with healthy, fresh, homemade food. 

Sam has been cooking her fur-baby's food for the past ten years, after Tootz experienced stomach issues when she was a puppy. At the time, it was recommended to increase the amount of vegetables in her diet, and to start using fruit as treats over store-bought options. This is when the initial recipe came to life. Over time, the recipes have changed due to fussiness and changes in tastes - which is why there are multiple meat options on offer today!

Sam has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and has vast experience cooking, and all meals are made by hand with lots of passion and love. 

All ingredients are listed, and there are never any preservatives, additives or any other nasties added to the Tootz recipes to ensure your pups are getting the best quality food possible. We will always be 100% transparent in what we offer so you know exactly what you are feeding your beloved fur-kids. We are a local business based right here on the Gold Coast and service all areas of the Gold Coast so that no pup misses out!


Meet Sam - 
Owner, co-founder & mad dog lover

As any dog mum does, Sam chats about her dog, Tootz, to anyone who listens, and often people would comment about how much energy she has, even though she is an older dog. Sam has always put this down to the food she has been feeding Tootz most of her life (and of course the endless love and cuddles!). 

Naturally, people were intrigued and it wasn't long before friends were asking Sam to make food for their fussy dogs too. Everyone noticed huge changes in their dogs once moving to this homemade, healthy food - plus they all commented on how it didn't smell horrible like supermarket foods!

This lead to the beginning of Tootz Dog Dinners! Sam wanted to share her healthy dog dinners with as many people as possible so that dog-parents could be feeding their pup's with healthy food every night of the week, while supporting a local business.