About US

Welcome to Tootz Dog Dinners!  We’re proud to have gained the trust and loyalty of countless customers and won the taste buds of their best mates. That’s because our food is premium home-cooked food. Nutritionally designed with dogs in mind. All our ingredients are locally sourced and 100% Australian, so you get to support local Australians while helping your best friend and making mealtime convenient and tasty.


Put the swag in their wag


Small Furbabies


7 x 100g packs for the little eater




Large Furbabies


7 x 600g for the larger eater



medium r.png

Medium Furbabies


7 x 300g for the bigger eater




Extra Large Furbabies


7 x 1000g for the biggest eater




What Dog Parents Say

"Super tasty"

"If his reaction was not a tick of approval, I don't know what is! He loved it so much he was licking the empty bowl hoping for more."

Misty G

"Great Service"

"Ordered and got it delivered to my door! I had run out of food for my baby and Sam was so helpful in making sure we got food in time for dinner!"

Peter S

"My dog loves it"

“Alfie has so much energy and it seems like he is more alert now! It is all pre-packed into serving size so it's super easy for me”

Anna H

"Perfect diet"

"Fussy pup"

"Big eater"

"My two British bulldogs Rocko and Ziggy both have weight issues after speaking to the vet about their dietary 
requirements I found Tootz Dog Dinners to be perfect for them"

"My baby Piper is super fussy with her food and due to health issues, she's on a strict diet. Tootz Dog Dinners make her stick to her diet and the ever-changing menu flavours help her keep eating"

"He loves to eat and I want him to eat healthy, nutritious nice smelling food. Tootz has made this convenient and easy'

Leacha F 

Bridget M

Bobby J